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SONY ERICSSON c903 Ideal 4 Facebook

If you are directioanlly-clueless facebook addict who takes photos everywhere so you can upload them immediately for friends to view, the Sony Ericsson c903 is the mobile phone you need. Available in red, black and white, this quad band 3.5 Gslider phones toutsa dedicated button for facebook, and even displays your friend’s status update in standby mode! Wooww…. 😀

It comes with 5 MP Cybershot auto-focus canera with dual LED flash, face and smile detection features. Just slide down the front lenscover and you are readyto shoot with its well-placed dedicated camera controls.The only flow is the non-responsiveshoot button thats makes you wonder if you have taken a shot. you view your shots on the scratch-resistant2.4 inch dispaly with accelerometer support that auto-rotates when you tilt the phone. It’s a pity that the screen isn’t bigger as the photos taken are really good enough for 4R prints. however, the phone only shoots 640x480VGA video clips. 🙂 Wanna See??


Facebook Bagi-Bagi Burger

Facebook salah satu social networking yang sedang naik daun ini membuat satu aplikasi baru yang berhadiah burger gratis. Aplikasi ini dinamakan Whooper Sacrifice. Peraturannya pengguna facebook harus menendang 10 teman dari accountnya dan dijanjikan akan mendapat burger whooper gratis. Namun aplikasi ini harus di download dahulu dari situs www.whoopersacrifice.com. [Click…Please]